A bug in the editor

It turns out that the error I got trying to access the XSLT source (not the missing shortcut, the crash) was due to a bug in the editor. I had a


with no <tbody>. Yes, I know.

But the editor checked the XSLT and appears to think it is fine. Then the renderer took over and crashed, due to the missing <tbody>.

Fortunately I found the XSLT in the temp cache so with the supplier’s help I could regenerate the XSLT (deleting all my work) and reinsert my code, now with the <tbody> tag.


3 thoughts on “A bug in the editor

  1. Yeah, I managed to do this again. <table><xsl:choose> which should have been <table><xsl:choose><tbody>.

    Our editor has not been updated to version 14 SP1 yet, so I don’t know if that update will fix it. Hunting for the XSLT, I simply searched the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\ for folders named the same as my filter or command handler, and then opened the correct .XSL file.


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