A Farewell To Internet Explorer

For the first time since Internet Explorer 4, I no longer have to support the IE browser. The nail in the coffin is update 11.0.34 to Internet Explorer, as this messes up the Visual Lansa Framework frameview. I verified that it worked in 11.0.32 and 11.0.33, but from 11.0.34 the filter and instance list is hidden.

Given that Internet Explorer is all but discontinued, I no longer have to support it.


Implicit Visible(True)

Another small lesson: When setting the display position of a column, the column is implicitly set to visible. Understandable, but if one does not know it…


Set Com(#GDCL_161) Displayposition(#I2)

is the same as

Set Com(#GDCL_161) Displayposition(#I2) Visible(True)

If this is not what you want you have to set visible to false, explicitly:

Set Com(#GDCL_161) Displayposition(#I2) Visible(False)

Added later: Also, setting visible separately to false resets the display position to zero.

So, precision is not just for the result

Today’s small lesson

Change Field(#PCTFLT) To(#ANTSAL * 100 / #KTOTKOB) Precision(4 1) Round_Up(*YES)

only really works if #ANTAL is sufficiently small, that is, one digit. As I would probably have numbers up to a maximum of three digits, I changed the precision to 7 2 and (5 digits with 2 digits after the decimal point, as * 100 adds another 2 digits). Also, I know that #KTOTKOB can only be an integer and will always be larger than #ANTSAL.