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Another example of Lansa messing with my XSLT

We are still running on v. 12 and 14.1 (two separate solutions), while waiting for help to upgrade the 12 to 14.2. The upgrade has so far taken almost a month.

So I had to dive back into WAM’s in 12 and added a <svg> element.

Which is then promptly messed up by Lansa, moving the SVG contents out of the element and making the <svg> element empty. Just like I experienced with 14.1.

The difference between Label and Label

Looking for a control to do some specific thing, I landed upon label. Then I started looking for alternatives to do the very specific thing I was looking for and so I found … label. Not the same though.

PRIM_LABL (Label) and PRIM_SLAB (Label) are obviously different. There are a few properties and I believe methods that are missing in one but the documentation does not explain a use case for one or the other, nor why one should choose one (or the other).

I believe the Lansa documentation is severely lacking.